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Do you have a question about becoming a resident of our Assisted Living & Memory Care? We’re available by phone or email. There’s no question we can’t answer!

What to Expect When You Call Us

When you need a second hand to help you take care of your aged ones who find it difficult to support themselves due to age and specific disabilities that are connected with age like:

Mobility impairment - Arthritis - Cognitive impairment - Visual impairment

These issues are most times associated with age, and in our facility, we help you put off the stress of taking care of them yourself or getting them overwhelmed with the anxiety of taking care of themselves.

You can always bring them in for physical assessment and see our facility and how our features and equipment will help take proper care of your loved ones.

We understand that all adults do not have the same disability. A visually impaired adult might not need the same equipment required for an adult with cognitive impairment.

When you contact us we will be able to discuss extensively the appropriate help and care we need to offer to your loved ones to make their stay with us more comfortably and convenient for them.

If there are any concerns or undiagnosed ailments you suspect from your adult, we will help you schedule an appointment with a doctor to help diagnose the issue and get adequate treatment for them.

We also ask for details about your loved one's favourite food, their most memorable vacation, what their hobbies are, their favourite season, their favourite movies, or what makes them happy. This information helps us to understand them better.

Understanding that all adults are unique and therefore need unique treatments has always made it easier for them to adapt to our environment and interact with each other with tremendous joy and happiness.