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Pebble Brook Assisted Living Temecula

Having worked as caregivers with over 30 years of experience, an idea came to mind to build our senior assisted living facility. Pebble Brook Assisted Living Temecula was built not to be just another "assisted living in Temecula," but a place that our residents can TRULY call home. With love and compassion, we strive to provide the highest quality, affordable care for our residents. Our focus is to ensure our residents' safety, comfort, and well-being, thus allowing each resident and their family members to be at ease.

We are family owned and family-run business. Our 1:2 caregiver-to-patient ratio enables us to manage each resident down to the dot. This means your loved one will receive more personalized care, more time, and more help compared to the average big assisted living facilities in Temecula, which have a 1:16 caregiver-to-patient ratio.

Family Testimonials

At our care home, we strive to provide the best care for your loved one. We take pride in our 5 star PERFECT Google review, which means you can rest assured knowing that your loved one will receive the best care possible. We go above and beyond to make sure that each and every one of our residents is cared for and provided with the attention they deserve.

  • Temecula, CA Ryan Farzad

    "I’m glad I placed my mother, who was receiving hospice care, at a facility that pays close attention to even the slightest of her requirements. I enjoyed that the property’s owners reside here and took great care to make sure my mom.."

  • Temecula, CA Rosa Montez

    "Caring and compassionate family owned home. We were really pleased with the level of care our father received. Hot home cooked meals, outstanding personal care, and all around comfortable living conditions. Everything was.."

  • Temecula, CA Jim Viramontes

    "My dad was given the best care possible by Elizabeth, Winston, and Tess. I was very satisfied with their ability to work with the support staff from hospice and palliative care at Kaiser. They always made my dad and I comfortable amidst all the.."

  • Temecula, CA Michelle R.

    "Great wound care service and attentive my mother received from beginning to end. She stayed here for 7 years. Her wound HEALED faster here than the previous home care facility on his rear after placing them with Pebble.."

  • Temecula, CA Tori Meram

    "Look no further then Pebble Brook Senior Assisted Living if you want a home, and not just some place to put your loved one in. I placed my aunt in this home a little over 3 ½ years ago with dementia. The prior top rated and very expensive.."

  • Temecula, CA Francesca K.

    "They were originally referred to us by a family friend in 2016 when my mother needed hospice care. They work tirelessly to deliver the highest quality of care and comfort to their residents. Just as importantly, they are warm, kind, informative.."


There are never any hidden fees, no additional costs. No admission fee,no rate increases ever and no move-in fee. When you work with us, you can rest assure knowing that you are getting the best care without any surprise fees. Our rate starts from $5,500 monthly . The rate given based on the initial assessment will then be the final month to month flat rate.


Our assisted living facility is located in a quiet, peaceful cul-de-sac in Temecula, between wine country and Pechanga Casino, making it perfect for morning strolls. Our assisted living is near Anza, Aguanga and Lake Riverside. We are also pet-friendly. Each room is move-in ready,fully furnished, equipped with a large screeen smart tv, cable, and unlimited internet access.

assisted care services and plans

We have amazing, personalized meals that mom and dad will enjoy, a housekeeping-free lifestyle, and medication management. Our passion is to assist and improve the quality of life of residents who require assistance with their daily lives.

Daily Assisted Care Plan Coverage

  1. Help available 24/7
  2. Three meals a day and snacks in between
  3. Appointment scheduling
  4. Daily house keeping
  5. Personal laundry
  6. Assistance with toileting and continence
  7. Bedridden care
  8. Help with ADLS (activities of daily living such as grooming, bathing, and dressing)
  9. Medication management

Daily Total Care Plan Coverage for End of Life Terminal illness

  1. Hospice care
  2. Bedridden care
  3. Pain management
  4. Transportation service
  5. Emotional support
  6. All of Daily Care Plan included

We provide comprehensive emotional support for seniors and their families as they journey through the end of life process. Our team of experienced caregivers help to ensure that seniors are comfortable and their families are supported throughout the entire process, from start to finish.

Board and Care Name.

Pebble Brook Assisted Living

RCFE License #336425448.

33722 Pebble Brook Circle
Temecula CA 92592